an Italian success in the world.

DEMAC is a market-leading company in the manufacturing sector of hose and cable reels for industrial and lifting applications.

Its history started in Cisliano, a small town near Milan, at the end of the 1970s with a man who had few certainties but great ambitions: Domenico Varano. In those years, thanks to his professional growth in one of the most successful and renowned companies which manufactured lift trucks and telescopic handlers, he began to develop new projects and new technical solutions in the same field.

Domenico had a great passion for his job, but he soon understood he wanted to create something greater. For this reason, in 1981 he established his own firm where he could create and develop all his projects. He called it DEMAC and he established it in his own house to devote all his time and space to it.

The company was growing quickly and in 1987 Domenico moved its headquarters in Cerello, few kilometres from his house, in a small and well-organized 400m2 structure where DEMAC had its first real and tangible development at the beginning of the 1990s.

Its customers’ great satisfaction and Domenico’s firm faith in the company built the base for the next big step to such an extent that in 1995 a much bigger structure with a better organisation for all its component parts became necessary. This time in Corbetta.

A small local firm was quickly becoming a reference point for the professionals in this industry throughout the world and so in 2005 Domenico with his constantly-present sons Fabio and Laura created a state-of-the-art structure in the industrial area of Magenta (last expansion works in January 2016).

This is the history, longer than thirty years, of a firm where the word passion, people’s value and the quality of its products come before anything else. Because projects and inventions are not due to chance, but they stem from the experiences of the past, from the lust for the present and from the constant look at the future.

ISO 9001:2015

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ISO 14001:2015

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ISO 45001:2018

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The Management of DEMAC SRL has defined and adopted this “Environmental Declaration“, in line with its corporate objectives, in relation to the production of hose reels and cable reels.

It makes use of innovative techniques, boasting an internal workshop with the latest generation of machining centers. For many years it has entered into agreements with partner companies in order to guarantee its customers products of excellent quality, always taking into consideration solutions with a lower ecological impact in full respect of health and safety.

The Management considers the dissemination of culture for the environment and attention to health and safety in the workplace as a priority objective, to be achieved and perfected with determination, in the belief that these aspects are of fundamental importance for the Company growth process development of its staff, its customers, suppliers and external collaborators.

The Management undertakes to make available all the necessary resources, both economic and technological, human resources and infrastructures, in order to achieve what has been declared.


Demac Srl is a member of ASSOFLUID is the Italian Association of Builders and Operators of the Hydraulic and Pneumatic Sector, based in Cinisello Balsamo (MI).
In the 1950s, some companies in the sector started a collaborative relationship, then participating in 1962 in the establishment of the CETOP – European Committee of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Transmission.
About six years later, in February 1968, these companies decided to join the association by founding ASSOFLUID. In over forty years of life, the association has grown tremendously, going from 13 founding members to 190 current member companies, which represent about 70% of the Italian market with a total number of employees in excess of 14,000 units


Assolombrarda is the Lombard Industrial Association of the territories of Milan, Lodi, Monza and Brianza, in abbreviated form Assolombarda Confindustria Milano Monza and Brianza. The Association has unlimited duration, registered office in Milan and a territorial presence in Monza. Its mission is to encourage the development of associated companies by providing support, constant updates and training opportunities on the main issues and technical problems. There are 5,792 companies associated with Assolombarda for a total of 335,073 employees in the territory under the jurisdiction of the Association (data updated to 30 April 2017).


A.P.I. works for small and medium-sized enterprises. Born in 1946, today it has reached 2,500 associated industries with over 50,000 employees.

A.P.I. it operates on multiple sides at the service of businesses: from institutional representation in the most important contexts of consultation and bargaining, to technical assistance, continuous training, up to the promotion of meetings and sector studies.